About us

Our purpose is to advocate and support the elderly in the community. We have and continue creating systems and programs that offer support; financial, social and medical as well as promote the general welfare and rights of the senior citizen.

The vision of a thought of and well taken care of senior citizen, started 8 years ago inspired by a personal experience of losing 3 of my grandparents over that period from loneliness, abandonment and illnesses commonly tagged as “old age” illnesses. It has now been 3years since family and friends joined on an initiative to take care of the senior citizens in our families and communities making it a personal and community commitment.

It’s through our committed to becoming friends of the elderly that we realized that most senior citizens loose meaning of life because they feel unimportant in the society. They are mistreated, forgotten and abandoned by family, community and even the government creating more need for sensitization on this issue.

Despite challenges we have faced as an establishing organization, 2016 was one of the most successful and inspiring of the year 3 years that we have been trying to get shape and create a clear vision for our organization.  We are delighted to have been able to change a few lives and given hope to many through our programs, activities, events, media interviews and discussions as well as different partnerships. However, the increasing demand of our service to the elderly all over the country forces us to seek for more support from the community, leaders, sponsors, and partners that wish to make a positive impact on the senior citizens.

Our drive is the understanding that all lives are important and the fact that, “we are all qualified candidates of old age if we are blessed to live long.”